2015 Program Materials

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1.4.15 – "How God Sees Sin"

It’s not enough simply to believe in Christ; we must live our faith. God expects us to practice our faith, and He judges whether we believe by whether we live out our faith and obey His will.

1.11.15 – "God Understands"

Do you ever feel alone and as if no one in the world understands how you feel? You may be going through a difficult time and feel misunderstood by everyone, but Jesus knows and understands.

1.18.15 – "Did God Make Me Sinful?"

Many people think God made them the way they are and they cannot change. Did God make people inherently sinful? Do people have the capacity to change? In this study we’ll explore how God made us free moral agents.

1.25.15 – "Forgiving Yourself"

Many Christians feel the nagging sting of shame and guilt. They still worry over sins long forgiven by God, but they do not know how to forgive themselves of their transgressions and iniquities.



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2.1.15 – "Finding the Truth"

Where do you find the truth about eternal life? Remember you are investing your soul in what you believe. Can you find it in your feelings or in opinion polls? We look to Jesus who has the words of eternal life.

2.8.15 – "What Love Means"

As many turn their minds to Valentine’s Day this week, we wonder if people really know what love is and what it means to love someone deeply. We live in very lonely days, where many wish they could find love.

2.15.15 – "A Clear Conscience"

What would you give to have a clear conscience free from all guilt and shame? The way of the Lord is the way to peace and forgiveness. Because of the blood of Christ, we can find salvation and have a clear conscience.

2.22.15 – "Rejoice in the Lord"

The faithful Christian should pause and thank God for all His blessings and the inexpressible joy in Christ Jesus. God has been so good to us in Christ, and we can rejoice in all His blessings.



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3.1.15 – "The Word Was God"

This lesson begins a new series on why we should believe Jesus Is Lord! Jesus was the Divine Word of God in John 1:1. He came and dwelt among men in order to redeem mankind. For this reason God highly exalted Him so that everyone will confess that He is Lord to the glory of the Father.

3.8.15 – "Messianic Prophecies"

From ancient times, God predicted the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Moses and all the prophets spoke of the coming Messiah, the Son of David, who would set up a kingdom that would never be destroyed. We’ll see how Jesus fulfilled these prophecies.

3.15.15 – "The Cross"

From time to time we each need to take a close look at the cross of Christ. In this lesson we focus on what the Lord Jesus did for us on the cross, how He loved His Father, and how He loved each of us.

3.22.15 – "The Resurrection"

The Christian faith rests on the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Did Jesus really rise from the dead? It is worth our time to re-examine the evidence for the greatest event of all history, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

3.29.15 – "How Jesus Changes Lives"

Jesus came to seek and to save the lost. By saving them, He changes their hearts, their lives, and their destinies. We can choose no Lord greater than Jesus Christ, who brought hope, life, and immortality to mankind.



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4.5.15 – "But He Lied"

Many people think it doesn’t matter what you believe, but this notion contains a very low view of truth. The Lord wants us to know the truth and to love the truth. We must learn to buy the truth and not sell it.

4.12.15 – "Not Biblical Anymore"

Many people feel spiritually empty because their church has changed and seems to have forgotten God. If you feel abandoned by the religious group you attend, we are offering the Biblical alternative.

4.19.15 – "The "Musts" of Christianity"

The little word “must” is often forgotten in today’s religious society, but the New Testament uses the Greek word for “must” nearly one hundred times. Christianity makes demands on us, and there are things we must do.

4.26.15 – "When Your Heart Breaks"

When our hearts break and tragedy strikes, we desperately need the help of God to comfort and strengthen us. In tragic times, God has not abandoned or forgotten us. God doesn’t take away every pain, but He helps us through it to become better people.



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5.3.15 – "Never Alone"

More than 44 percent of all adults in the United States are unmarried; that’s more than 102 million people. Living alone presents many challenges to adults today, but the Lord’s way provides some valuable help to single people.

5.10.15 – "Keeping My Zeal"

Some people live their Christian life to the fullest, while others drift aimlessly. Some are passionate about their faith, while others are apathetic. How can we keep our passion and zeal for God alive?

5.17.15 – "What Have You Done?"

When this life is over, we will look back at our lives wondering what we have done that mattered. Many spend their entire lives pursuing empty paths, but the one who is faithful to God pursues righteousness. What have you done?

5.24.15 – "The God of the Bible"

Who is the God of the Bible and what is He like? If God did, in fact, create us, then we need to know Him. We need to know how we can come into a relationship with Him and what He desires of us.

5.31.15 – "One of a Kind"

The Lord Jesus Christ is one of a kind. Though some say He is simply one great spiritual leader among others or He is like other ancient deities, Jesus is indeed unique in His life and in His teaching.



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6.7.15 – "Inspired"

All Scripture is God-breathed and may truly be called God’s Word. Men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. We can trust the Word of God because we know it finds its source in God Himself.

6.14.15 – "Trustworthy"

How do we know the word of God came to us in a form that was like the original? What about all those variants in Scripture? In this lesson we’ll see how God’s word is true to its origin and is utterly trustworthy.

6.21.15 – "All-Sufficient"

God gave to us in the Bible all things that pertain to life and godliness, and we are not lacking anything that teaches us how to live and how to have eternal life. Because the word is all-sufficient, there is no need to change it in any way.

6.28.15 – "Authoritative"

Since Jesus has all authority in heaven and on earth and His words recorded in Scripture will judge us in the last day, we know the Bible has authority over us in this life. We need to hear and to obey the revealed word of God.



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7.5.15 – "The Law"

When you open your Bible, you see the words Old Testament and New Testament. What does that mean? Is there a difference between the Old Testament Law and the law of Christ? Are we under the Old Law?

7.12.15 – "Women in the Church"

What role has God given to women in the worship and the leadership of the church? Are women to be preachers or elders in the Lord’s church? Should women feel cheated if they are restricted from leadership roles?

7.19.15 – "Left Behind?"

Several books and movies recently talk about the rapture and a sudden disappearance of a mass of people. Does the Bible speak of a rapture and what does it say? What is the kingdom of Christ and when will it begin?

7.26.15 – "Mark of the Beast"

The book of Revelation speaks of many unbelievers following a beast that opposes the people of God and follows Satan. What is the mark of the beast, and does Revelation have anything to do with twenty-first century America?



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8.2.15 – "Life in Christ"

In Christ we have a new life, an abundant life, and an eternal life. These blessings bring to us the wonderful opportunities to change our lives, to enjoy our lives with the Lord, and to live forever and forever. Life in Christ is truly a blessing.

8.9.15 – "God the Father"

The Lord Jesus taught us to pray, “Our Father, who is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:9). Who is the Father in heaven and what can we know about Him? Our Father is not visible to us, but He has revealed Himself in many ways.

8.16.15 – "Jesus the Son"

Jesus frequently describes Him merely as the Son. He is the Son of God and the Son of Man. The Scriptures describe Him as divine but also as coming in the flesh. How do we understand Jesus as both fully human and fully divine?

8.23.15 – "The Holy Spirit"

Both the Old Testament and the New Testament speak of the Holy Spirit. Some versions speak of the Spirit as an “it,” Who or what is the Holy Spirit, and is He a divine person or merely a force or influence in the world?

8.30.15 – "One God, Three Persons"

The Scriptures clearly teach there is but one God (Deuteronomy 6:4), yet the Scripture also describes the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as persons who interact with each other. How can there be three and yet be one?



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9.6.15 – "Mack Lyon"

35 years ago Mack Lyon began the "In Search of the Lord's Way" program. For more than thirty years you were able to hear Mack Lyon preaching the unsearchable riches of Christ. August 5th, 2015 Mack went home to the Lord at the age of 93. We miss him, and we know you miss him too! He was indeed a great soldier of the cross who loved the Lord and His cause.
In this special program we take time to honor Mack. Mack loved to preach the gospel and although his health would not allow it, he dreamed of being able to preach once more. So, we have selected portions of three of Mack's favorite sermons from our library to share with you today. The first one is from 1984 an talks about the power of Christ's resurrection. The second is from 1998 and speaks of the need to glory in the cross. The final selection is from 2010. Here Mack speaks of his love for scripture and our need to hold it up as a standard.

9.13.15 – "True Religion"

We want our faith to be built on the truth. We want it to be authentic, genuine, and real. True religion is devoted to the will of God found in Scripture; we could never want anything more or anything less.

9.20.15 – "Poor in Spirit"

The Lord Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:3). What does it mean to be “poor in spirit” and why is it important? In this lesson we’ll recall just how much we need the Lord!

9.27.15 – "Pure in Heart"

Have you wondered what happened to people’s desire to be chaste and pure? We live in a sexually confused world devoted to fulfilling the lusts of the flesh. If we wish to see God, we must learn to be pure in heart.



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10.4.15 – "Hearing the Gospel"

God gave us ears to hear, but are we listening to His most important messages? The gospel is first and foremost a message to be preached and to be received. No message is more important than the gospel.

10.11.15 – "Believing in Christ"

Faith in Jesus Christ distinguishes the people who belong to God from those who belong to the world. In this lesson we’re going to explore what it means to believe, truly believe, in Jesus Christ. Do you believe?

10.18.15 – "Repentance"

When we become Christians, we must leave the ways of the world and take up our crosses to follow Jesus. Repenting means leaving sin and following righteousness. When one loves the Lord, one is willing to make these important changes.

10.25.15 – "Baptism"

Those who became Christians in the New Testament were baptized or immersed in water in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins. Baptism is the time when God washes away sins by the blood of Jesus and makes one His child.



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11.1.15 – "What Are You Becoming?"

What will your life be like in ten years? What will your character reveal about you? We are all in a state of becoming something? Are you growing closer to the Lord and are you moving away from Him?

11.8.15 – "Jesus Understands"

Have you ever felt misunderstood, that no one knew what you’re going through? We’re happy to say there is Someone who understands our temptations trials and struggles. Because He has been there, He can help us.

11.15.15 – "Judging"

Almost everyone knows the passage in Matthew 7:1, “Do not judge”; but do they know what else the New Testament says about judging others? Is it ever appropriate to judge others or to say sin is wrong?

11.22.15 – "Be Thankful"

Each year our nation sets aside a day to thank God for our blessings. God has truly given us so much for which to be thankful. We would do well to count our blessings and recognize the kindness and graciousness of God.

11.29.15 – "Come Back to Church"

The Lord Jesus purchased the church with His own blood, because He loves people and wants them to be part of His family. When people stop attending church, they distance themselves from the family of God.



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12.6.15 – "The Battle For Your Soul"

You may not realize it, but you—yes you—are in a serious spiritual battle. You are fighting for your soul with a formidable opponent, the devil. How are you doing in the battle for your soul?

12.13.15 – "Designed By God"

Is this world designed by an intelligent and loving God, or have we come into being by accident or chance? Is there evidence of an intelligent designer creating us or did we evolve from non-living matter?

12.20.15 – "Why Jesus Came"

No one knows exactly when Jesus came into the world, but in this program we’re going to learn from Jesus’ own words and the Scriptures why He came. The more we know about Jesus, the more thankful we are for His presence.

12.27.15 – "I Am Resolved"

God has graciously given us 2015. What have you done with your life this year and what will you do with the coming new year? Each year is gift from God, but what we do with it is our gift to God.

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