2016 Program Materials

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1.3.16 – "Thy Will Be Done"

At the hardest moment of His life, the Lord Jesus said, “Thy Will Be Done.” We want to be able to say “Thy will be done,” when we face the challenge to obey as well. Are you living for yourself or for the will of God?

1.10.16 – "The Grace of God"

Someone said grace is “God’s Redemption At Christ’s Expense.” In this lesson we’re going to explore what grace means for our lives. We were saved for a purpose, and we need to fulfill that purpose in our lives.

1.17.16 – "We Need the Church"

Many people think you can be a good Christian without being a member of any church. Is church really necessary? We're going to look at how the Lord Jesus sees the church and how important the church is to our salvation.

1.24.16 – "You Can Understand the Bible"

Going back to the Bible is essential to true Christianity. Springs are purest at their source, and we want to restore our faith to its purest source found in the New Testament. We want to follow the Lord’s way.

1.31.16 – "The Restoration Plea"

The Bible is the best-selling book of all time and comes today in hundreds of languages. God gave us His word to instruct us and to bring us to a knowledge of the truth. It reassuring to know that we can understand the Bible.



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2.7.16 – "Does Jesus Care?"

Life can suddenly become harsh, causing us to question whether the Lord cares. In times of pain does Jesus really care about us?

2.14.16 – "God's Love for Us"

God made this wonderful world for us to live in and gave His only Son to save us. Every good thing comes from Him. The love of God reaches to us in a thousand ways. Our task is to recognize and respond to it.

2.21.16 – "Our Love for God"

God expects His people to love Him with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. When we love God supremely it changes our lives for the better. Nothing would make this world a better place than a greater love for God.

2.28.16 – "Loving Others"

One of the ways we love God is by loving others. When the world seeks for true Christianity, they look first for a loving spirit among brethren. The great challenge of life is to love others the way Jesus loved us.



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3.6.16 – "Your Soul"

The word “soul” is one we do not speak much about these days. But each of us has a God-given soul that God will one day require of us. How we live in this life will affect our souls in the life to come.

3.13.16 – "Your Sin"

One in eight Americans does not believe in the concept of sin, and nearly four in ten believe sin is an outdated word. What is sin, is it really a serious matter, and how does my sin affect me?

3.20.16 – "Your Salvation"

For someone to be saved means that they were at one time lost. Many folks today do not know they are lost and in need of saving. Our salvation came at a great cost, and we are so blessed to have a Savior.

3.27.16 – "Your Destiny"

One day each of us will face our destiny in the afterlife. The decisions of what we believe and how we live today will affect where our souls spend eternity. We need to choose the narrow road that leads to life!



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4.3.16 – "Born in Sin?"

When God made man, did He make him good or evil? Some say people are born entirely in sin and are incapable on their own of responding to the grace of God, but we want to what the Lord has to say about the nature of man.

4.10.16 – "Faith Alone?"

God’s grace saves us through faith, but does He save us through faith alone? A study of the Scriptures reveals that faith is necessary to please God but not the only thing necessary. In this lesson, we’ll see what God desire from us.

4.17.16 – "Free Will"

Does man have free will, or has God already made every decision affecting his salvation? Some say each of us is already predestined to heaven or hell and we cannot change God’s decision about our destiny. What does the Bible say?

4.24.16 – "Can Christians Be Lost?"

Some say once you become a Christian, you can never lose your salvation. Is this true? May Christians live any way they please and still be saved, or can they lose their salvation if the turn away from God?



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5.1.16 – "Were You There?"

A spiritual song asks, “Were you there when they crucified my Lord?” Have you considered the part your own sins played in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ? Have you thought about how you should respond to the cross?

5.8.16 – "Forgiving Yourself"

Many Christians feel the nagging sting of shame and guilt. They still worry over sins long forgiven by God, but they do not know how to forgive themselves of their transgressions and iniquities.

5.15.16 – "What God Wants for You"

As parents Jackie and I wanted to give our children the very best we could, because we loved them. In the same way our Father in Heaven wants to meet our needs and give us the best life possible.

5.22.16 – "Thirsting for God"

Some come from church full of hope and zeal, while others in the same worship service come out empty. Why the difference? It could be that some have lost their passion for God. How can we renew our passion for God?

5.29.16 – "Search Me, O God!"

Even when no one else does, the Father in Heaven knows everything about me. He knows how I think, what I say, and what I do. Would I ask the Lord to open my heart and see if there is any hurtful way in me?



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6.5.16 – "Born Again"

Occasionally we hear of people speaking about being “born again.” What does it mean to be born again, and how are we born again? Is being born again some “better felt than told” experience? Let’s see what the Bible says.

6.12.16 – "Authentic Christianity"

When people hear the word “Christian,” many imagine things quite different from what the New Testament teaches about Christianity. What is authentic Christianity really like? What does God’s Word say about Christianity?

6.19.16 – "Knowing Christ"

If you could draw close to someone who could give you eternal life, would you want to meet Him? Getting to know Jesus Christ through Scripture should become one of our highest priorities as Christians.

6.26.16 – "You Can Be Sure"

While this world is filled with uncertainties and disappointments there are some things that are always true. You can be certain about them. Yes, there are some absolute truths that never change.



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7.3.16 – "Saying No to God"

You can say yes to God or you can say no to God; but if you say no, you must realize there is a high price to pay and much to lose. In this lesson we’re going to explore the cost of rebelling against God’s will.

7.10.16 – "Is Marriage Obsolete?"

A recent report reveals that four-in-ten Americans say marriage is obsolete. Is marriage obsolete? Does God approve of couples who live with each other but remain unmarried? Does marriage matter?

7.17.16 – "A Church Member"

Many people want Jesus, but they are not sure about the church. Some have quit organized religion and others have started worshipping at home. What does the Lord say about being a member of a church? Is church membership the will of God?

7.24.16 – "Is Satan Real?"

Should we take Satan seriously? Does he really tempt us and want to steal our soul? Should I be afraid of Satan? What does the Word of God say about the devil and what should I know about him?

7.31.16 – "Is Hell Real?"

Recent surveys say many people are questioning whether or not the lost will face punishment after this life is over. Is hell real, and will God really send the lost there for eternity? People need to know what God says about hell.



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8.7.16 – "Hearing the Gospel"

God gave us ears to hear, but are we listening to His most important messages? The gospel is first and foremost a message to be preached and to be received. No message is more important than the gospel.

8.14.16 – "Believing in Christ"

Faith in Jesus Christ distinguishes the people who belong to God from those who belong to the world. In this lesson we’re going to explore what it means to believe, truly believe, in Jesus Christ. Do you believe?

8.21.16 – "Repentance"

When we become Christians, we must leave the ways of the world and take up our crosses to follow Jesus. Repenting means leaving sin and following righteousness. When one loves the Lord, one is willing to make these important changes.

8.28.16 – "Baptism"

Those who became Christians in the New Testament were baptized or immersed in water in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins. Baptism is the time when God washes away sins by the blood of Jesus and makes one His child.



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9.4.16 – "The Heart of Jesus"

If you really want to know someone, look into his heart. If you want to know the Lord Jesus, look into the Word of God where His heart is revealed. You’ll find there someone who loves you and whom you cannot help but love.

9.11.16 – "How God Speaks Today"

Where do you turn for spiritual truth? Many people think God speaks to them through their thoughts and feelings. Can you trust your feelings or is there something more certain? In this program we’re going to explore how God speaks to us today.

9.18.16 – "People Can Change"

Have you ever heard someone say, “Well, that’s just the way I am; and I can’t change”; or “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Or “It’s genetic; I was born that way.” Can people change, or are they forever destined to be a certain way?

9.25.16 – "Get More From Your Bible"

How do we study the Bible? What can we do to get more from God’s Word to help us in our day to day lives? God nourishes our souls and guides our path through His Word. We need God’s Word in our lives.



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10.2.16 – "The Church Jesus Built"

With so many churches in town, how do we know which one is what God wants? In this first lesson for this series, we’re examining the church Jesus built as it is described in the Scriptures.

10.9.16 – "Just a Christian"

Did you know you can be a member of the church Jesus purchased with His own blood without belonging to any denomination? In this second lesson of this series we’ll see how Christ prayed for all His people to be united.

10.16.16 – "The church of Christ"

Occasionally people ask me questions about the church of Christ. In this third lesson of this series, we going to explore the nature, the worship, and the organization of the church today as it fits the church described in the New Testament.

10.23.16 – "Membership in the Church"

If you could be a child of God and a citizen in the kingdom of God, would you? In this fourth lesson of this series, we’re exploring what it means to be a member of the church and how to become a member.

10.30.16 – "Why I Am A Member"

Becoming a member of the Lord’s church requires commitment for a lifetime. In this last lesson of this series, we’ll explore many reasons and values of living for the Lord and for being a member of His family, the church.



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11.6.16 – "Citizenship as Christians"

When it’s time to elect government officials, should Christians get involved? Does the Bible have anything to say to the Christian citizen? What is the responsibility of the Christian as a citizen of his country.

11.13.16 – "Strong Faith"

Without faith it is impossible to please God. What kind of faith does God desire from His people? What does a strong faith look like when challenged? How can we grow in our faith so that we can be better servants?

11.20.16 – "Time to Pray"

From time to time all of us need to re-enroll in the school of prayer. Prayer is how we speak to God, how we reveal our hearts to the Father, and how we express our thanks and praise to God.

11.27.16 – "Conversion"

Sadly, many Christians are simply Christians in name only. Being baptized into Christ is necessary to please God, but God expects His people to be converted in heart and spirit as well. Are you truly converted to Christ?



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12.4.16 – "Lifted Up"

Jesus said, “And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me” (John 12:32). The Lord Jesus bore the cross to save us from sin and to show His love. He knew the love of the cross would call for us to love Him and come to Him.

12.11.16 – "Pleasing God"

God wants to find His people pleasing and acceptable in His sight. Some today are selfishly ambitious, while others forget God and are people-pleasers. It is only by pleasing God, however, that we can bless ourselves and others.

12.18.16 – "Where Is God?"

When trouble and worry come our way, we wonder if God has forgotten us. When it seems that evil has overcome good, we wonder if God will help us. Where is God when it seems our world has fallen in on us?

12.25.16 – "Jesus Blesses Us"

The Scriptures reveal several reasons why Jesus came into this world, and each of those reasons describes a blessing for mankind. The Lord’s coming touches each of our lives and opens up a wonderful opportunity for us to know God.