2017 Program Materials

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1.1.17 – "God's Word"

As we begin a new year, we should give serious consideration to reading God’s word, which is able to blessing us in numerous ways. When people fail to study the word of God, they cheat themselves out of a blessing greater than gold.

1.8.17 – "Not Too Hard"

The Bible is the best-selling book of all time and comes today in hundreds of languages. Some think the Bible is too hard to understand. Is it really? In this lesson we’ll discuss whether we can understand the Bible.

1.15.17 – "Prepare Your Heart"

The future is always approaching faster than we imagine for our children. We must be a generation that prepares our own hearts and the hearts of our children to serve the Lord and not be fooled by the ways of the world.

1.22.17 – "The Sanctity of Life"

Life, even in the womb, is precious to the Lord and must not be taken lightly. Abortion remains one of our world’s greatest sins. How does God see the baby in the womb? Are they just tissue or does God think of them as persons?

1.29.17 – "Christian Morality"

A recent poll found three-fourths of Americans saying moral values in the United States are getting worse. Why is America becoming more immoral? We want to explore the causes of America’s moral decline and what we can do about it.



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2.5.17 – "At Your Word"

Does God speak seriously? Many today have dismissed the teaching of God for what they personally think or what society feels is right. Should we follow the Lord Jesus Christ, when He speaks something that goes against human thinking?

2.12.17 – "Overcoming Temptation"

What do you do when you’re tempted to sin? Are we slaves to sin, or has Christ provided a way for us to overcome our sins? In this message, we will learn how we can conquer the temptations that plague us.

2.19.17 – "Maturity in Christ"

When we first become Christians, we are babes in Christ. The Lord Jesus, however, expects to grow spiritually to maturity. What does a mature Christian look like, and how does he differ from the immature Christian?

2.26.17 – "Religious Confusion"

The Encyclopedia of American Religions lists 2,300 religions. With so many religions, people must be terribly confused these days. How can we really know what is true about God?



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3.5.17 – "What Happened to Sin?"

Many think sin is an outdated word or an obsolete concept. Some think there is no such thing as sin today. People tend to downplay sin when they are the ones who sinned, but those sinned against realize just how serious it is.

3.12.17 – "Christ Is Our Hope"

When life fills with doubts and darkness, we look to Christ for our hope. Just as clouds can darken but not remove the sun, so life’s troubles can darken our lives but not remove the source of all blessings! Let’s hope in Christ, our Lord and our Savior!

3.19.17 – "Obeying God"

While many emphasize feelings and attitudes, the Scriptures are clear that God expects more. God expects those who love Him to hear His word and to obey. Obedience distinguishes the true disciple from the one who claims to follow the Lord.

3.26.17 – "Who Is Your Lord?"

Jesus once asked His disciples, “Who do you say I am?” Faith in Christ is an individual matter. Each must decide for himself whether he will follow the Lord and His teaching. Jesus is Lord, and we must set Him apart as Lord in our lives.



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4.2.17 – "Prepare for Worship"

Worship is an intentional act of the heart. It takes more than “going” to worship; we must prepare our hearts and our lives as we come into the presence of God.

4.9.17 – "The Nature of Worship"

Many people attend worship every Sunday, but do they understand what they are doing? Some churches have turned their worship into theatrical productions. What does God desire in worship?

4.16.17 – "Problems in Worship"

God and men may view worship differently. Some things we do in our worship of God may not please Him at all. Interestly, God does not accept all that people call worship. He asks that we honor Him by how we worship.

4.23.17 – "Worship in Song"

Music is a powerful influence in the church and in our lives. God desires that our worship in song glorify Him in spirit and in truth. How we worship God matters. Since we seek to please Him, let’s hear how He wants us to worship in song./p>

4.30.17 – "Worship in Prayer"

Prayer is man’s great opportunity to pour out his heart to God the Father. In this final lesson of our series on worship, we’ll explore ways to make our prayer lives more meaningful.



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5.7.17 – "Christian Values"

What do Christians value? What is important to them? In this lesson we will explore how faithful Christians think and what they hold dear. By understanding values, we can better understand what it means to follow Christ.

5.14.17 – "In Christ"

It most certainly matters whether we are “in” Christ or “out” of Christ. One who is in Christ will enjoy His fellowship and His blessing for an eternity, but those who are outside of Christ are excluded from the promises of Christ.

5.21.17 – "Consider"

Can you consider for a moment the possibility someone has told you something false? Fake news and half-truths are everywhere, and many do not know what to believe. Thankfully, God gave us an incorruptible and eternal standard of truth.

5.28.17 – "Jesus and His Promises"

A promise is only as good as the one who made it and his ability to stand behind it. God never lies and can do all things. When God makes a promise, you can depend upon Him to keep it. God keeps His promises.



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6.4.17 – "A Friend to Jesus"

Everyone needs friends. The best friend you’ll ever have is Jesus Christ. Jesus knows what it means to sacrifice himself out of love for His friends, and the Lord Jesus wants to have you as one of His friends.

6.11.17 – "The Message Preached"

God sent His Son Jesus to the cross to die for our sins but chose a message preached to save those who believe. The cross and the gospel work together to bring about our salvation. The gospel opens the door to the cross.

6.18.17 – "Passing On the Faith"

We can find no greater need than to pass our faith on to our children, so they may teach their children about all the great things God has done for us. As parents, we must train our children to love and serve God.

6.25.17 – "Does Jesus Care?"

Life can suddenly become harsh, causing us to question whether the Lord cares about us. However, a sparrow cannot fall from the sky without the Lord’s knowledge. He knows and cares for us through every storm of life.



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7.2.17 – "A New Spirit"

Do you ever wish you could start over and put your past behind? Old sins have a way of making us ashamed of ourselves. God can give you a new start and cause you to be born again. Wouldn’t you like a new spirit?

7.9.17 – "A Servant's Heart"

I love the song many young people sing, which begins, “Give me the heart of a servant.” While many want to live for their own pleasure and love calling the shots, Jesus chose the heart of a servant. We too need the heart of a servant.

7.16.17 – "Because of Jesus"

Because of Jesus, our lives have taken a new direction, filled with hope. Because of Jesus we have so many blessings. How thankful we should all be for what great things the Lord Jesus has done for us!

7.23.17 – "Another Generation"

The children of Israel were faithful during the days of Joshua and the elders who served with him, but another generation came along that did not obey God. We must be careful to stand strong in our faith.

7.30.17 – "Be Ye Holy"

To be “holy” means to be separated from the common to a sacred use. Christians are to live holy lives that are separated from the common to the sacred life in Christ. We are to be separate and not touch the unclean thing.



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8.6.17 – "Your Soul"

The word “soul” is one we do not speak much about these days. But each of us has a God-given soul that God will one day require of us. How we live in this life will affect our souls in the life to come.

8.13.17 – "Your Sin"

One in eight Americans does not believe in the concept of sin, and nearly four in ten believe sin is an outdated word. What is sin, is it really a serious matter, and how does my sin affect me?

8.20.17 – "Your Salvation"

For someone to be saved means that they were at one time lost. Many folks today do not know they are lost and in need of saving. Our salvation came at a great cost, and we are so blessed to have a Savior.

8.27.17 – "Your Destiny"

One day each of us will face our destiny in the afterlife. The decisions of what we believe and how we live today will affect where our souls spend eternity. We need to choose the narrow road that leads to life!



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9.3.17 – "The Cost of Discipleship"

Just because something is free doesn’t mean it’s cheap. Grace is free, but the cost of discipleship is another matter. The Lord Jesus paid a dear price for our souls, and we ought to take our faith seriously.

9.10.17 – "Is God Active Today?"

Some think God is absent in our world today; others say God is dead. The Bible teaches God is indeed alive and active in the world today and is working for our good. We can be thankful to have a God who cares for us.

9.17.17 – "The Church Is Necessary"

Many people think you can be a good Christian without being a member of any church. Is church necessary? We’re going to explore what God says about the church in Scripture and see how God thinks about the church.

9.24.17 – "Moral Excellence"

God has asked us to make every effort to add to our faith seven virtues. These qualities will keep us from stumbling and will richly provide us an entrance into the eternal kingdom in heaven. We need these seven virtues.



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10.1.17 – "What Happens at Death"

No one lives forever, but what will happen to us when we die? Each of us must face this event in our lives, so knowing what will happen and preparing for the afterlife is vitally important.

10.8.17 – "The Second Coming"

The Lord Jesus promised to return to earth someday. Predictions abound, but no one knows when. Every eye will witness His return. In this lesson we’ll study what the Lord will do when He comes for His own.

10.15.17 – "The Resurrection"

What is the resurrection and when will we be raised? How will the resurrection affect me personally? What kind of body will we have in the resurrection? In this lesson, we’ll explore what the Bible says about resurrection.

10.22.17 – "The Judgment"

Since each of us will one day face Judgment, we need to know Who will judge us, what the basis of that judgment will be, and how we can prepare for the Judgment Day. Will you be ready for that day?

10.29.17 – "Heaven"

Every faithful Christian longs to live eternally in heaven with God. Heaven is a blessed place free from the pain and the sin found in this world. Only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life may enter.



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11.5.17 – "God's Enduring Word"

The Bible is an ancient book, but its message is relevant and authoritative today. Whatever was written in ancient time was written for our learning. In this message, we’re going to look at the authority of God’s Word.

11.12.17 – "Only One Life"

You have only one life; what are you doing with it? Some use their lives to make a difference in this world, while others are only chasing after a wind. In this lesson, we’re going to see how we can make our lives matter.

11.19.17 – "Be Thankful"

The heart of Christianity begins with counting our blessings and being grateful for everything God has done for us. Let us consider our spiritual and physical blessings, and may they move us to commit ourselves to the Lord.

11.26.17 – "A Christian"

Who and what is a Christian? People often misunderstand what a Christian is by looking at people who call themselves Christians but fail to live as God wills. How does God define a Christian and what does He wish from us?



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12.3.17 – "God's Love For Us"

God made this wonderful world for us to live in and gave His only Son to save us. Every good thing comes from Him. The love of God reaches to us in a thousand ways. Our task is to recognize and respond to it.

12.10.17 – "Be Baptized"

Is baptism necessary for the forgiveness of sins? We’re asking what the Bible says about the importance of baptism. Some say yes and some say no. We want to know what God says in His Word. That is what matters.

12.17.17 – "The Truth"

Proverbs 23:23 says, “Buy truth, and do not sell it; buy wisdom, instruction, and understanding.” In our confusing world, we wonder where we can find the truth and why it matters that we hold onto it.

12.24.17 – "Why Was Jesus Born?"

The New Testament says more about the birth of Jesus than about all of his days growing up in Nazareth. Why is the birth of Jesus so important? Does the birth of Jesus matter to your life and mine? This study will give the answer.

12.31.17 – "Your Future"

Everyone one of us has a past, a present, and a future. Have you thought lately about who you are, why you are what you are, and where you are going? How you live spiritually today will determine your destiny.